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BitNautic describes the concept of blockchain technology towards shipping and trading of commodities, as it has proved to be fast, effective and secure. By quality of blockchain, we will be able to implement a system that is secure to utilize, fast for earning cash back, and sufficiently liquid to use whenever it is needed.

Now seeing the success of Flitpay, we are launching an upgraded web version namely "Flitx" to support some more Cryptocurrencies to ease the process of trading within India.

BitNautic, found online at, is a decentralized marketplace/platform for commodities, where end-consumers, importers/exporters, and manufacturers/producers of goods can trade their products with more ease using the blockchain technology. The goal of the decentralized platform, is “to help everyone, from end-consumers to the ship owners, Shipping companies to the Agents/brokers, small

Blockchain is nothing without Bitcoin, CFTC Chairman says. A conference was conducted by the Senate Committee which has reached the top level of regulatory concerns related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. including initial coin offerings (ICOs), trading platforms, derivatives and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and the assets’ observed to perform financial crimes and subvert internat

BitNautic is a trading platform for commodities where importers, exporters, and producers of goods are allowed to trade their products. A genuinely base paramount platform, BitNautic aims to help

Bitcoin piyasasının canlanması ve bitcoin madenciliği ile olan ilişkinin artması ile birlikte pek çok kişi web sitelerine yönelerek araştırmalar sağlamaya başlamıştır. sitesinin ise diğer platformlara göre takipçilerine sunmuş olduğu pek çok ayrıcalık bulunmaktadır. Kullanıcılar bu platform aracılığı ile site sahiplerine pek çok konuda soru yöneltebilmektedir

Most people have become aware of the term Bitcoin yet do not possess a crystal clear suggestion of what this actually is actually. Just laid outed, Bitcoin is a decentralized, classmate to classmate, electronic currency unit, made to give online individuals the ability to procedure transactions via electronic unit from swap referred to as Bitcoins.

Lots of people have been aware of the condition Bitcoin however don't possess a crystal clear tip from just what it actually is. Just defined, Bitcoin is a decentralized, colleague to peer, digital money system, developed to provide online customers the potential to procedure deals by means of electronic system of trade known as Bitcoins.





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