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2000). These systems can, with varying degrees of success, encode, store, and retrieve an enormous variety of information, including much that is adaptively arbitrary and evolutionarily novel--from nonsense syllables, jingles, and batting averages to chess moves, equations, and the triple lutz. However, there is an important difference between what a system can do and its evolved function. Memory

Argued that although survival is not high on the participants' list of things that they associate with being on a camping trip, survival-related thought and emotion play a larger role in planning for a trip. Since planning is the focal element of the present study, we decided to repeat our pretest with a new set of participants (N = 18) and a slight change in the instructions. The participants we

Course of action (e.g., bringing a raincoat to the woods) has been considered during the current planning routine. This should occur even if the potential course of action is ultimately determined to be irrelevant; indeed, it would be particularly wasteful to reconsider a course of action already deemed useless. Therefore, engaging in planning (e.g., by considering whether a series of objects wou





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